Mossad assassination unit cmdr. likely killed in Erbil attack

Some English and Arab news sources say that the commander of the Israeli Mossad assassination unit was killed in a drone attack on several vehicles on a highway in Erbil, in northern Iraq on Wed. night.

Local Iraqi media say that in last night drone attack three vehicles were targeted and hit on a highway in Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Hours after the attack was targeted, some English and Arab sources reported that a Mossad team were in the vehicles and were the main target of the drone operation.

According to the IntelSky Twitter account, which specializes in analyzing international risks, global flight tracking and crisis news said that a senior Mossad officer was killed in the attack.

According to IntelSky, Ilak Ron (Asa Flots), the commander of the Mossad Assassination Unit was assassinated in the Kamikaze drone attack.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the drone strike, and the Israeli officials also have not commented on the matter yet.

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