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Twitter permanently suspends Trump’s account citing risk of more violence

Twitter Inc has that it has permanently suspended US President Donald Trump’s account, citing the risk of further incitement of…

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Protesters occupy US Capitol during Electoral College vote

For the first time since their war with the English in 1814وthe home of Congress, the United States Capitol building…

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Lethal Airstrikes in Yemen ‘Left Off’ Confidential UK Record

The UK government is under pressure to explain why a series of air strikes in Yemen, many involving civilian casualties,…

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US transfers ISIS terrorists to Al-Tanf base in Syria

US forces transferred dozens of ISIS terrorists from northeastern Syria to their illegal base in the southeast. According to the…

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US military recalls home aircraft carrier in hasty setback of its Iran scheme

The US defense chief has abruptly recalled home its Nimitz aircraft carrier from the West Asia amid opposition by top…

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Key Sudanese party warns against normalizing ties with Israel

During a conference titled “Normalization with Israel opportunities and costs”, Sudan’s National Umma Party renewed its stance opposing the deal…

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Moroccan lawyers demand cancelation of normalization agreement with Israel

A group of lawyers in Morocco have severely censured the Rabat government over its recent agreement to normalize relations with…

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Russia vows retaliatory moves if US deploys missiles in Europe

Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin has criticized US refusal to extend the New START arms control treaty as well…

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Human Rights Watch: Trump’s pardons of convicted mercenaries ‘insult to justice’

Human Rights Watch says US President Donald Trump’s pardoning of four Blackwater contractors, convicted of killing at least 14 Iraqi…

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11 killed in Boko Haram Christmas Eve attack in Nigeria

Members of the Takfiri Boko Haram terrorist group have killed at least 11 people in a Christmas Eve assault on…

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