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US failed to detect previous China ‘spy balloons’: Air Force general

A high-ranking American general says the United States, which recently claimed to have spotted and shot down an alleged Chinese…

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Biden congratulates US military, with a trillion dollar budget, for shooting down Chinese ‘spy’ balloon

The Pentagon has said that a United States fighter aircraft downed a Chinese “spy” balloon off the coast of South…

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Blinken postpones China trip over ‘violation of US sovereignty’ by Beijing

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has postponed a visit to China after Washington accused Beijing of violating the country’s…

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US reports Pentagon tracking suspected Chinese ‘spy’ balloon over America

The US military has been tracking a suspected Chinese high-altitude surveillance balloon used for spying activities over mainland United States.…

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McCaul: US military not ready to fight war with China

Republican Congressman Michael McCaul has said that with Democratic President Joe Biden in the White House the risk of a…

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Ilhan Omar says Republicans don’t want a Muslim in Congress

Muslim US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has criticized House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), saying Republicans don’t want a Muslim in Congress.…

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Angry Nigerians Protest desecration of Qur’an in Sweden, Netherlands

Hundreds of Muslims in the ancient city of Kano, the Centre of the Northern states of Nigeria angrily took to…

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US Air Force general has warned of a possible military conflict with China

A four-star US Air Force general has warned of a possible military conflict with China over Taiwan as early as…

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NATO Countries’ Citizens Must Know that Alliance is Involved in Standoff with Russia: MFA

The citizens of NATO’s member-states should understand that the bloc is completely involved in confrontation with Russia in Ukraine, Russian…

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Doctors, teachers, taxi drivers go on strike in Spain’s Catalonia

Thousands of workers have walked out in a five-day strike and taken to the streets in Catalonia to demand more…

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