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Putin Says Assad’s Vote Win Confirms Syria’s Political Authority

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday congratulated Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad on his re-election, saying it confirmed his “high political…

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NATO chief: Afghan forces strong enough to stand on own feet

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says the Afghan government and armed forces are strong enough to stand on their own feet…

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OIC Asks UN to Form Unprecedented Panel to Look into Israeli Violations in Palestine

Member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation are calling on the UN Human Rights Council to set up a…

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British students punished for defending Palestine

As millions of people have vented anger at the Israeli regime crimes against the Palestinians over the past few weeks,…

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US has provided total $146bn in aid to Israeli regime, $3.8bn military aid in 2020

Joe Biden administration’s nod to the sale of $735 million in precision-guided weapons to the Israeli regime has once again…

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Fearing Iran ‘attacks,’ Saudis seek ‘reassurance’ from Washington, US general suggests

Saudi Arabia seeks “reassurance” from the United States, says a top US general, citing Iran. Chief of the US Central…

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General Zia-ul-Haq Part II, Nigerian Army Chief gone to hell in air crash

Shiite News: Nigerian Army Chief Lieutenant General Ibrahim Atahreu along with 10 of his comrades have gone to hell as…

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Biden reaffirms US support for Israel, vows to replenish its Iron Dome

President Joe Biden has once again reaffirmed the US’ support for Israel and pledged to help it replenish its so-called…

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US Democrats introduce resolution to halt Biden’s arms sale to Israel amid Gaza bombardment

A group of US Democratic lawmakers have introduced a measure to block President Joe Biden’s plan to supply Israel with…

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Protests erupt during Biden’s visit to Michigan over his Gaza policy

US President Joe Biden has faced protest over his administration’s approach to Israel as the regime continues with a deadly…

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