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Palestinians creating new equations in face of Zionist regime, Islamic Jihad

Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance movement Ziyad al-Nakhalah says Palestinians are creating new equations in the face…

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‘Israel’ Decides Escalation on Border with Lebanon instead of Approving Maritime Deal

Under the heavy political bombardment of the Israeli opposition led by the former premier Benjamin Netanyahu, the inexperienced PM Yair…

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2 Palestinians martyred in Ramallah

Palestinian sources reported the martyrdom of two Palestinians in Ramallah by bullets of the occupying forces of Al-Quds. The Israeli…

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Teacher wounded, students arrested in Israeli military attack on Palestinian school

Israeli forces have raided an elementary school in the southern occupied West Bank city of al-Khalil and attacked teachers and…

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Palestinian child falls, dies during Israeli police chase in occupied West Bank

A Palestinian boy from the central part of the occupied West Bank has lost his life after falling from a…

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Thirty Palestinian detainees continue hunger strike for 3rd day

A Palestinian prisoners advocacy group says thirty Palestinian inmates in Israeli jails continue their open-ended hunger strike for the third…

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30 Palestinian prisoners go on hunger strike against Israeli policy

Thirty Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli jails have gone on an open-ended hunger strike against their administrative detention. The…

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Mufti of al-Quds: Israeli settlers’ incursions into al-Aqsa Mosque aimed at altering its status quo

The Grand Mufti of al-Quds Sheikh Muhammad Hussein has warned against the increasing break-ins by Israeli settlers into the al-Aqsa…

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2 Zionists injured in Palestinian martyrdom-seeking operation

Two Zionist soldiers were injured in the martyrdom-seeking operation of a Palestinian youth in the south of Nablus. Media sources…

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Israel has no rightful claim or sovereignty over occupied al-Quds, Palestine says

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates says the Israeli regime has no rightful claim or sovereignty over the…

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