Karbala:Twin bomb blast,50 Mourners Martyred

At least 50 mourners of Imam Hussain as, including 45 in the holy Shia city of Karbala in central Iraq,…

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Bomb attacks claim 17 lives in Iraq

At least 15 people have been killed and scores of others injured as two bomb explosions ripped through Iraq’s northern…

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Arbaeen Preparations Finalized … Over 14 Million Pilgrims Expected

Karbala governorate council has announced completion of security and administrative preparations to receive pilgrims for observance of Ziyarah Al-Arbaeeniyah (fortieth…

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Iraqis protest Biden visit

Hundreds of Iraqis have taken to the streets of the central city of Kufa, condemning a visit by the US…

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Grand Ayatollah Sistani One of the Most Prominent and Source of Pride

President Jalal Talabani said after visiting the religious authority, the Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, in Najaf, “The Grand Ayatollah stressed…

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Terrorists Target Shia Mosque in Baghdad

One bomb exploded near the Husseiniya Shia mosque in the Karrada neighbourhood of central Baghdad, killing one person and woundibng…

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Top militant leader detained in Iraq

Iraqi security forces have arrested a senior militant leader with alleged links to the al-Qaeda-inspired Islamic State of Iraq network…

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One killed, many injured in Iraq blasts

A police officer was killed on Tuesday and another was injured when they were trying to defuse the explosives in…

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Bomb blast kills Iraqi police chief

A provincial police source said on condition of anonymity that Colonel Mohammed Faisal al-Gu’ood, police chief of Hit City, was…

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Syed Sadr Urges Iraqis to Resist Occupiers with All Means

Shia cleric Syed Moqtada Sadr, in his first speech since returning to his stronghold in Najaf after being three years…

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