Iraq.30 wounded in Mosul car bomb attack

A car bomb has targeted an Iraqi army base in the restive city of Mosul, leaving at least 20 security…

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Kuwaiti Interior Ministry reverses Al-Arifi ban

The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry has withdrawn their decision to bar biased Saudi cleric Mohammed Al-Arifi from entry into the country,…

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Najaf local administration gives Saddam loyalist Baathist terrorist 24 hours to leave

Local government officials warned Saddam Hussein loyalists to move out of the Shiite province of Najaf in central Iraq within…

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The Big Killer of Muslims in Iraq , ‘Chemical Ali’ sentenced to death

Ali Hassan al-Majid, also known as “Chemical Ali”, has been sentenced to death for ordering the gassing of Kurds in…

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15 martyred in Najaf bombings

At least 15 people have been martyred and 80 others injured in a series of bomb blasts in the Iraqi holy…

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Reports on new mass grave near Karbala

Iraqi officials announced on Monday they will soon begin new excavations based on reports of a new mass grave, near…

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Millions of mourners reachs at Karbala to observe Ashura

Millions of mourners have reached in Iraqi city of Karbala to observe the Ashura AbaAbdullah Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) to…

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Million of mourner’s influx at Karbala // Pictorial report

More than one million mourners of Imam Hussain (AS) have been reached at the holy city of Karbala to commemorate…

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Two dozen killed in blasts across Iraq

Over two dozen people have been killed and more than 150 others have been wounded in a string of bomb…

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Karbala wrapped in black to mourn Aba Abdullah al-Hussain

Iraq, All cities and towns in general and the Holy City of Karbala in particular has dressed in black outfit;…

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