Pope Francis calls for an end to violence, extremism

Pope Francis has called for an end to extremism and violence in his opening address on the first papal visit…

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Pope Francis Says He Will Visit Iraq as ‘Pilgrim of Peace’

On the eve of his historic trip to Iraq, Pope Francis paid tribute Thursday to those who have suffered from…

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Iraqi resistance groups announce confrontation with US occupiers until liberation

Iraqi resistance groups have announced a new phase of resistance against US forces in the country, vowing “confrontation with occupiers…

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Iraqi official calls on Arab League to end suspension of Syria’s membership

A senior Iraqi official has renewed his country’s call on the Arab League to end its suspension of the Syrian…

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US military support convoy targeted in central Iraq

Iraqi sources say a convoy carrying US military support equipment targeted in central Iraq. Iraqi sources announced today (Tuesday) that…

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‘US seeking to open six routes for ISIL to infiltrate Iraq’

President of the Union of Muslim Scholars in Iraq’s Diyala province announced that Americans are trying to transfer ISIL elements…

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Iraq’s al-Nujaba says reserves right to target US interests in Iraq

Iraq’s al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement has warned that it reserves the right to attack the US interests on Iraqi soil,…

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‘Bad sign from Biden admin.’: Syria slams fatal US raid on Iraq border

Damascus has censured the US air raid against positions of Iraqi counter-terrorism forces on the Iraqi-Syrian border, which killed one…

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One martyred, four wounded as US attacks on Hashd al-Sha’abi positions

One person has lost his life and four others have been wounded in the US military’s air raid against positions…

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War against terrorism must continue; Iraqi President

The Iraqi President stressed that Baghdad did not want a permanent foreign troops’ presence in Iraq. Barham Salih addressed Baghdad…

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