US military convoy comes under attack in western Iraq

A convoy carrying US military support equipment was attacked in western Iraq, sources reported. A US military support convoy was…

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US dream of enjoying security in Iraq will never come true, Iraqi resistance warns

The Iraqi Resistance Coordination Commission (IRCC) has said the United States is not serious about leaving the Arab country, stressing…

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Rocket attack targets Turkish military base in northern Iraq

News sources reported on Monday night that a rocket attack had hit a Turkish military base in the northern Iraqi…

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US military convoy targeted in Iraq’s Basra

Iraqi sources announced that a US military logistics convoy was targeted in Basra, southern Iraq. Iraqi security media group reported…

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National security advisor: Iraq not ‘launching pad’ for aggression against other countries

Iraq needs to be steered clear of any regional war, says Iraq’s national security advisor, emphasizing that the Arab country’s…

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Governor of Iraq’s Najaf province resigns after mass protests

The governor of Iraq’s Najaf province has resigned, a day after another governor also quit following demonstrations against living conditions…

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Iran, Iraq working ‘closely’ to probe Gen. Soleimani’s assassination

This is the second time Iranian and Iraqi judicial experts convene to publicize their probe into the assassination of top…

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Mass grave of ISIL’s victims discovered in northern Iraq

Iraqi sources reported the discovery of a mass grave including bodies of at least 11 Iraqi policemen in northern part…

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Cancer patient child talks about meeting with the Grand Ayatollah Sistani

After this meeting, one of the children describes the meeting and expresses her feelings: My wish was to see the…

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Iraqi army forces detain 4 ISIL elements in Saladin prov.

Iraqi military forces arrested four ISIL Takfiri elements in Saladin province on Wed. during an operation and severely pounded a…

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