Bahrain: Criminal Assaults Prisoner of Conscience Sheikh Zuheir Ashour

In addition to the regime persecution, the prisoners of conscience in Bahrain suffer, also, from other violations amid an international…

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European Parliament passes resolution blasting Bahrain for flagrant rights abuses

The European Parliament has overwhelmingly adopted a resolution, urging Bahrain to stop its blatant and deadly violations of the country’s…

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Sheikh Isa Qassim cautions against death of political inmates, warns about instability

Bahrain’s most prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Isa Qassim has warned about the death of political dissidents in the Manama regime’s…

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Rights group, US senator call for release of Bahraini political activists

A human rights group has called for the release of six political activists who have been arbitrarily arrested in Bahrain.…

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Bahrain’s plan to form anti-Iran alliance with Israel is betrayal: Wefaq

Bahrain’s main opposition group has denounced the Bahraini regime’s plan to join Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)…

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Would Bahraini authorities try to open a new door for dealing with cases of detained children?

Could there be a door of hope for every detainee accused of a crime that occurred before he turned 18?…

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Irish foreign minister voices concern over rights violations in Bahrain

The Irish foreign minister has raised serious concern over human rights violations in Bahrain, demanding that the Al Khalifah regime…

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Bahrainis hold anti-regime rallies on 10th uprising anniversary

Bahrainis have taken to the streets across the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom to mark the tenth anniversary of the popular…

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Bahraini protesters stage rallies nationwide on eve of uprising anniversary

Bahrainis have staged demonstrations across the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the popular…

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Ayatollah Isa Qassim terms Islamic Revolution as great dawn coming after long night

Bahrain’s most prominent Shia cleric Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim has described the Islamic Revolution as a “great dawn” that came…

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