7 years into Saudi war on Yemen, no gain for Riyadh

The Saudi war on Yemen has been ongoing for more than seven years now. Far from home, these Yemeni students in Iran gathered in Tehran to commemorate the victims of the war.

Saudi Arabia launched the war on Yemen in March 2015, with the goal of bringing former Yemeni president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi back to power. The Yemeni army and its allied forces are leading the anti-Saudi resistance in the country.

They say while Saudi Arabia is enjoying all-out support from its western allies in its war, Yemeni forces have made headways against the invaders, turning the devastating war into a costly quagmire for Riyadh.

The ongoing bombardment of civilian facilities has left tens of thousands of Yemenis dead and destroyed the infrastructure of the impoverished country, not to mention the spread of infectious diseases and famine. Saudi Arabia has also imposed an all-out blockade against Yemen.

The Saudi war on Yemen is condemned here as a crime against humanity, a crime that continues to be ignored by the responsible entities in the world. Yemeni students here say this means it’s up to the Yemeni people to take the matter into their own hands and continue their resistance until their country is finally free.


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