22 Air Strikes On Marib, Al-Jawf And Saada, 96 Violations Recorded In Hodeidah

The US-Saudi aggression coalition’s warplanes continued on Wednesday targeting Yemeni provinces with air strikes over the past hours, security sources reported.

The sources declared that aggression’s warplanes launched 22 air strikes on various areas in Saada, Marib and Jawf provinces.

In Saada, three raid targeted al-Faraa area of Kutaf district and two ones hit border al-Dhahir district.

The fighter jets also attacked Sirwah district in Marib 13 times and waged another strike on Raghwan district, in addition to launching two air strikes on al-Hazm district in Jawf province and one raid targeted al-Maraziq area of Khub Washaaf district.

Meanwhile, aggression coalition’s mercenaries committed 96 violations of ceasefire and Sweden’s agreements in Hodeidah province over the past 24 hours.

The source added the warplanes of the aggression forces dropped bombs on al-Jabaliya area while 13 spy planes flew over al-Mandhar, kilo 16, al-Durayhimi and al-Jabaliya areas.

He said that the aggression forces committed 14 violations with artillery shells and fired 66 different gunshots on several parts of Hodeida.

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