Abdul Malik Al-Houthi: We Will Continue Confronting Saudi-led Aggression

Yemen’s Ansarullah Leader, Sayyed Abdul Malik Al-Houthi, on Monday stressed, during a speech which marks the anniversary of September 21 Revolution, that the US schemes have always aimed at partitioning the Yemenis.

“The former regime did not expect that the Yemenis could steadfastly repel the US aggression and preserve its freedom and independence.”

Sayyed Houthi pointed out that the Sanaa government does not control the borders as well as the oil resources and that the Saudi-led blockade bans the oil ships from docking at Hodeidah seaport.

Sayyed Houthi vowed to continue confronting the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen, stressing that the losers are those who serve the US and Israeli interests in the region.


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