Yemeni army attacked Saudi soldiers in Kingdom’s provinces of Jizan and Asir

Yemeni army troops, backed by their allies from Popular Committees, have attacked Saudi soldiers in the kingdom’s southwestern provinces of Jizan and Asir in retaliation for a brutal aerial campaign.

Several Saudi soldiers were killed or injured near Qais mountain in Jizan after their gathering came under artillery shelling on Thursday, Yemen’s Arabic-language al-Masirah television network said, citing an unnamed military official.

On Wednesday, Yemeni snipers shot dead a commander of the Saudi-led coalition and his companion east of al-Doud mountain in the same province, it added.

In a separate report, al-Masirah said Yemeni snipers either killed or wounded at least four Saudi mercenaries in al-Rabou’a area near the Alab crossing in Asir on Thursday.

Later in the day, a number of other Saudi mercenaries were either killed or wounded after an improvised explosive device, planted by the Yemeni army, exploded in Maris area of Yemen’s south-central province Dhale.

Early on Thursday, several Qasef-2K (Striker-2K) drones conducted airstrikes against vital targets in King Khalid Air Base in Asir.

Yemeni forces regularly target positions inside Saudi Arabia in retaliation for Riyadh’s war on Yemen, which began in March 2015 in an attempt to reinstall a former regime and eliminate the Houthi Ansarullah movement.

-Yemeni army attacked Saudi soldiers


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