Muslim Unity Week in Nigeria, Oraganized by Islamic Movemnent

jos_news_naigeria_1-300x224 The annual Unity Week lecture starts on Friday the 12th of R/Awwal 1431 (26/2/2010). Unity week was set by the late Imam Khomeini(QS) with aim of bringing unity and understanding amongst Muslims. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria as usual organises such programme annually. On the first day of the Programme a lecture titled ‘The Prophet as a symbol of Change’ was  delivered by Dr. Sadiq Abba of Political Science Department University of Abuja, Nigeria. In his lecture the, the Speaker spoke on the importance of unity stressing that it is of utmost necessity in other to bring about change in the society. He explained how the Prophet of Islam changed a society highly characterized by ignorance and lack of civilization. He noted that despite the fact that the Prophet (SAWA) possessed all special qualities endowed to him by Allah, he fought and struggled in the defense of Islam. Dr. Sadiq in his lecture added that Islam is not only confine to daily rituals like prayers, rather,  Islam it is a complete way  of life and as such  bringing about a change to have an Islamic society is a duty bound upon all Muslims pointing out that Change shall exist even if majority of people refused to carry it out. Dr Sadiq further accused the Clerics of not standing by the course of Justice and truth; they are only after their selfish interest which prevents them from telling the truth to their followers. He concluded by saying that the true of the matter is that there is a dare need of change of System in Nigeria and only Muslims can bring about such a change because they have the Book of Allah with them. jos_news_naigeria-300x113 Unity week gathering in Zaria The Chief host Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky thanked the lecturer and said that the Dr. Sadiq will be invited again in future programmes so that people can benefit from his vast knowledge in Politics. The leader further added that the enemies of Islam are always devising ways to sow the seed of discord among Muslims; they print books and distribute freely to many Muslim countries with aim of disuniting Muslims in addition to hiring of some so called Ulema to promote disunity. Sheikh said whoever is paid for such duty will face the consequence in the Next World. While thanking Dr. Sadiq, Sheikh Zakzaky highlighted some points raised by the Speaker where he said the Pre-Islamic society was characterized by idol worshipping but the Prophet, through excellent preaching and wisdom, was able to change it within a short period of time. Islam brought civilization and knowledge to the Arabian society which spread to the Europe which was in Dark Ages. He added that the Nigerian society nowadays, contrary to Arab Pre-Islamic society in which a person of upright manner enjoyed respect, does not respect a trustworthy person. Sheikh Zakzaky concluded that to Change requires hard work even by a few people.


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