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Saudi deputy crown prince failed to get unanimous support from allegiance council‎

The conflict among the Saudi royal family deepens day by day after the death of King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz. The king Salman bin Abdul Aziz has failed to control the differences among the royal family and allegiance council despite sudden high level changes and arrest of angry princes.

In the recent move, the newly appointed deputy crown prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman – King Salman’s son – has failed to get the complete support from the allegiance council meeting despite the huge pressure of the Saudi king and Royal guards.

Out Of 34 members of the allegiance council , only 28 members of the body of allegiance council voted in favor of the controvertial appointment of deputy crown prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman – King Salman’s son, while 6 members openly opposed the nomination of Mohammad Bin Salman.

The Allegiance Council was formed in 2006 by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and tasked to formalize the succession process.

Its pertaining to mention here that Saudi Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz voiced rejection for the recent reshuffle announced by the Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz, stressing that the move contradicts with principles of Shari’a and the systems of the state.
In a statement posted on his Twitter account, Prince Talal described the latest move as an “impulsive “decisions. He called for a general meeting to discuss the issue.

“I call for a general meeting that includes the sons of Abdulaziz (the founder of the Saudi Kingdom) along with some of his grandsons who are provided by the Allegiance Council,” the Saudi prince said.

“I previously said… No obedience… No allegiance to those who broke the laws,” Prince Talal said.

Early on Wednesday, King Salman issued a series of surprise royal decrees early Wednesday, shaking up the line of princes slated to succeed him to the throne, replacing a number of ministers and further enhancing the power of his own line.


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