Israeli regime sells $400mn of drones annually: Report

droan israilThe Israeli regime exports about $400 million worth of drones per year, an Israeli daily reports.

The Ynet daily website recently reported that more than 49 countries are the customers of the Tel Aviv regime’s aerospace industry.

Israeli industry insiders, according to the report, believe that the drones may replace the regime’s warplanes and pilots within the coming years.

“Eighty percent of the drones manufactured in Israel are exported,” the report stated.
Israel has increased its investment on unmanned aerial vehicles industry since 1982, when the regime used remote-controlled aircraft during its war on Lebanon.

On May 11, the Israeli regime shot down one of its Shoval-type drones over the Mediterranean Sea due to a ‘technical malfunction.’

Tel Aviv said the malfunction was because of loss of communications and control with the ground. However, some media reports said the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah had taken control of the $10-million aircraft before it was shot.

The Tel Aviv regime decided to ground all its Shoval drones to launch an investigation to discover the reason for the malfunction, the report said.

Last year, an Eitan-type drone crashed near Moshav Yesodot in central part of the occupied Palestinian territories as a result of both a human error and a technical malfunction.


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