Jewish fanatics built 70 schools, synagogues near Aqsa

jewishThe chairman of the Islamic Awkaf Council in occupied Jerusalem, Sheikh Abduladheem Salhab, has revealed that Jewish fanatics had built 70 religious schools, synagogues, and museums in the vicinity of the Aqsa mosque.

He called for amalgamating efforts to foil the “Zionist schemes” that aim to intrude on on the holy Aqsa mosque.

Salhab, in an interview with the PIC, called for intensifying presence of worshipers inside the holy site in order to protect it.

The council chairman charged that the new “rightist government” of Benjamin Netanyahu was targeting the Aqsa mosque and trying to impose a new de facto situation on it.

Salhab emphasized that Muslims all around the world refuse any attempt to divide the Aqsa mosque (between Muslims and Jews).


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