Forty Palestinians Martyred, over 400 Others Injured in Israel’s Aggression on Gaza Strip for 4th Consecutive Day

plfThe death toll of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip for the 4th consecutive day reached 40 martyrs while more than 400 Palestinians were injured, some in critical situation.

Palestinian news agencies reported that the Israeli raids targeted al-Maghazi camp in central Gaza and Rafah in the south, in addition to areas in the north of the Strip, causing several casualties among the Palestinians.
The reports mentioned that a Palestinian was martyred and a mother and her four children were injured in Israeli shelling near al-Sheikh Zayed towers in northern Gaza.
Three other Palestinians were martyred by raids which targeted east of al-Maghazi Camp, including Abdul-Hakim al-Mana’meh, Osama Abdul-Jawad and Ashraf Darwish.
In Rafah, Palestinian citizen Mukhles Edwan was martyred when the Israeli aircrafts raided Rafah, south Gaza Strip , while a woman and child were injured by the Israeli raids on a house in Deir al-Balah.
Five Palestinians were martyred and others injured, some in dangerous situation, as the Israeli aircrafts shelled a group of citizens in Kherbt al-Adas in Rafah city, south of Gaza Strip.
An Israeli drone shelled a gathering for Palestinian people at the aforementioned neighborhood killing 5 Palestinians, among them Awad Hamdi al-Nahhal and Abdul-Rahman al-Masri, while others were injured and admitted to Abu Youssef al-Najjar Hospital in Rafah, some of them in critical situation.
Earlier on the day , more than 30 Palestinians, most of them children, were injured as an Israeli F16 warplane shelled a house belonging to Suleiman Abu Hassan Salah in Jabalia, northern Gaza Strip. The two-storey house was completely destroyed.
Medical sources said that the injured, most of them children were hospitalized into Kamal Edwan Hospital, two of them in critical situation, while some still under the rubble.
The Israeli aircrafts also fired four rockets on the Palestine playground in Gaza. Ambulances rushed to the site and a number of injured people were hospitalized.
Meanwhile, the Israeli forces on Saturday said that the Palestinian resistance fired at least 40 rockets on the Israeli settlements. Three buildings were damaged and 6 Israelis were injured, including 3 soldiers.
The Israeli raids on the Strip continued for the 4th consecutive day, as the Israeli aircrafts, in Friday night, carried out a number of raids on Gaza targeting a three-storey building belonging to Hamas which was completely destroyed.
The Israeli aircrafts also shelled Arafat City for Police on Saturday dawn.

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