UNRWA confirms 108 staff members killed

The chief of the UN agency that provides relief to Palestinian refugees has said that nearly 67 UNRWA installations have been hit, 17 of them directly.

“Most of them were in the middle areas and in the south, where people were promised safety,” Philippe Lazzarini said.

“We cannot even protect people under the United Nations flag,” he added.

Lazzarini also said:

176 displaced people sheltering in UNRWA installations were reported killed and at least 778 injured. This includes the most recent attacks on two UNRWA schools.

The people of Gaza are not safe anywhere: not at home, not under the UN flag, not in a hospital, not in the North and not in the South.

1.7 million people – almost 80 per cent of the population – are displaced from their homes and have moved into half of the Gaza Strip.

More than 900,000 people are sheltering in UNRWA installations, including in the north.


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