‘Israel’ Decides Escalation on Border with Lebanon instead of Approving Maritime Deal

Under the heavy political bombardment of the Israeli opposition led by the former premier Benjamin Netanyahu, the inexperienced PM Yair Lapid decided to reject the US mediator Amos Hochstein’s final proposal pertaining the demarcation of the maritime border with Lebanon.

Netanyahu had accused Lapid of surrendering and making deadly concessions for fear of Hezbollah military power.

The Israeli side considered that Lebanon’s amendments to Hochstein’s proposal exaggerates the demands, dealing a blow to the US-brokered talks.

The Zionist defense minister Benny Gantz ordered its army to prepare for an escalation on Lebanon’s border, causing an outrage among the Israelis in the northern settlements.

However, Zionist media reports voiced doubts about the veracity of Gantz announcement, reporting that no unusual movements on the northern borders were observed.

In response, the Lebanese President Michel Aoun stressed that Lebanon’s notes on Hochstein’s final draft prevents misinterpretation of demarcation framework.

General Security Chief Major General Abbas Ibrahim said that Lebanon is not concerned with Israeli response and expects US mediator to assume his responsibilities.


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