Al-Quds comes under Zionists’ attack once again

The military forces of the occupying regime attacked the neighborhood of “Sheikh Jarrah” in Al-Quds once again on Thursday night.

The Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied al-Quds has witnessed widespread attacks on Palestinians by settlers and the occupying Zionist military forces in recent days.

Dozens of Palestinian families living in the neighborhood are at risk of being forcibly relocated by the Zionist regime.

According to the Iran Press, Israeli forces clashed with the Palestinians on Thursday night by attacking the neighborhood of “Sheikh Jarrah,” located in occupied Al-Quds.

The residents of “Sheikh Jarrah” say they are ready to give their lives to protect their land and homes.

The attack of the Zionist settlers on the Palestinians in the neighborhood of “Sheikh Jarrah” is apparent aggression and is considered playing with fire in al-Quds because all of Palestine will be ignited.

The Zionist regime’s decision to expel the residents of this neighborhood in recent months has led to a wave of international condemnation and criticism.

Currently, at least 28 Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood are at risk of displacement and loss of homes.

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