COVID spreads among Palestinian inmates in Israeli jails

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have come together to highlight the plight of the Palestinian inmates in Israeli jails amid the spread of the new coronavirus.

According to Waed institute for Palestinian prisoners affairs, the virus is significantly on the rise among the inmates infecting hundreds of Palestinians.

It says the spread of the virus among Palestinian inmates is the result of Israel’s intentional policy of medical negligence.

The Palestinians called on the international community and the Red Cross to provide the required medical care for Palestinian inmates and stop the spread of the pandemic in Israeli jails.

Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip say they hold the Israeli regime fully responsible for the lives of Palestinian detainees, stressing that the prisoners’ issue is a top priority and that they won’t remain silent on the Israeli violations.

The total number of infections among Palestinian inmates has risen rapidly, according to the prisoners club’s statement. Palestinians call on the international community to take action, adding the intentional medical negligence amounts to complicity in the Israeli crimes against Palestinian inmates.

According to Palestinian authorities, 5,000 Palestinians, including women and children, are currently held in Israeli jails with many of them under the so-called administrative policy which enables Israel to hold them in jail with no charge or trial.



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