The Fall of the House of ‘Israel’

It is the truth of history, politics, geography, ethics, and human nature. Occupiers will certainly vanish; it is a matter of time, circumstances, and most importantly the presence of a resistance will.

The Israeli occupation of Palestine is not an exception. In 1948, the story of the establishment of the entity which usurped the Palestinian land, and this narrative will reach a resolution that passes through climactic events of resistance and sacrifice.

2021 has been the year of decisive changes in the course of the occupation in Palestine. The arrogant aggression on the Holy Shrine of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinian neighborhoods in its vicinity sparked a game-changing military confrontation between the resistance factions in Gaza and the Israeli enemy.

Thus, the Palestinian resistance which had been accumulating military power for long years decided to engage in a fight with the Zionists in order to confront their arrogance which involved them in hasty assaults on the Palestinians in Al-Quds.

The outcomes of “Al-Quds Sword” battle have been pounding the head of the occupation entity. Simply, ‘Israel’ can no longer wage wars on the Palestinians without suffering grave losses in return. This contradicts with the basic creed of the Zionist entity which, as vampires, relies mainly on shedding the innocent blood.

“Al-Quds Sword” changed all the equations and formulas of the conflict between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli enemy. The Palestinians have got to have more prowess in the battlefield. This was reflected in the armed attack on the Israeli sniper on Gaza border. A brave Palestinian shot the sniper in the head at point-blank range. The Zionist enemy soldier succumbed to his wounds later.

The Israeli weakness continued to appear conspicuously. Six Palestinian prisoners violate all the security measures taken by the enemy and escape from Gilboa prison. What was more scandalous for the Zionist enemy was that the prisoners contacted persons outside the well-fortified jail to facilitate the escape. The Zionist security agencies have failed to even find and bring back the six prisoners four days after their operation.

The Palestinian prisoners at Negev jail also rebelled against the punitive measures taken by the Zionist enemy in light of the Gilboa escape operation. The Zionist circles revealed that the response of the Palestinian prisoners was much more what the jail authorities expected.

The signs of fragility which the Zionist occupation entity showed during 2021 are unprecedented and establish a new era of ‘Israel’. It is the epoch of the Zionist weakness which precedes, according to all the circumstances, The Fall of the House of ‘Israel’.

Mohammad Salami

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