Zionist forces detain three Palestinians in Al-Quds

Zionist military forces arrested three Palestinians on Monday evening at Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood in the occupied Palestinian lands and territories.

Zionist military forces detained three Palestinians this evening at Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood, in Al-Quds, Palestine Al-Youm reported.

Zionist military forces also attacked Palestinians in the occupied lands and territories, the report added.

On the other hand, Palestinian sources reported that a Palestinian was shot and wounded by an occupying settler in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied Palestinian territories.

The news sources emphasized that the settler fired at Palestinians during a rally in solidarity with the residents of Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood, during which the young man was shot in the leg and wounded.

Following the wounding of this young Palestinian, Zionist regime’s forces closed Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood and did not allow Palestinians to travel.

This is while that a large number of occupying settlers were patrolling the area.


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