Israeli military says received new spy aircraft to Identify targets in Iran

The Israeli military announced on Sunday it had received the first of a series of newest intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft, dubbed as the ‘Oron’, which would provide better capabilities to gather intelligence and identify targets for attack in the region, including Iran, Iraq, and Yemen.

According to its developer, the plane is equipped with a variety of cutting-edge sensors, including an advanced radar system and artificial intelligence, and can identify targets even in bad weather conditions, Sputnik reported.

​The ‘Oron’, which translates as ‘stableman’, was developed based on the Gulfstream G550 and designed to provide real-time intelligence capable of locating the deployment of enemy ground forces, even at a long distance.

According to the Israeli military, the ‘Oron’ was developed over the course of 9 years by its collaboration and weapons contractors.

The exact number of ‘Oron’ aircraft the Israeli military will obtain is, however, classified.



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