Death sentence awarded to 15 terrorists confirmed by Army Chief

Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has confirmed death sentences awarded to 15 hardcore terrorists by military courts. Another 20 convicts have also been awarded imprisonment of unspecified terms.

A statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said that the convicts committed offences related to terrorism, attacked the armed forces and law enforcement agencies, abetted suicide attackers in the Christian Colony bombing near Peshawar, destroyed educational institutions and killed innocent civilians, the military’s media wing stated.
Due to their atrocities, 34 persons were killed and 21 of them belonged to the armed forces, nine to Frontier Constabulary, and 2 who were police officials. Besides these, two civilians were also killed and 19 others injured.
The sentences were handed down to the convicts after they were tried by special military courts. They confessed to their offences before a judicial magistrate and in their statements during the trial.
All 15 of the terrorists were found to be members of banned organisations. Details of the convictions provided by ISPR are as follows:
Hameedur Rehman s/o Moazmin Mullah
He was involved in attacks on law enforcement agencies and the armed forces which resulted in the deaths of Maj Gen Sanaullah Khan, Lt Col Tauseef Ahmed, Naib Subedar Muhammad Aslam and 18 soldiers.
Said Ali s/o Munawar Khan
He was involved in attacks on law enforcement agencies and the armed forces, which resulted in the deaths of a civilian, Shah Nazar, Naib Subedar Muhammad Hanif, Havildar Muhammad Naseer, Havildar Muhammad Qayyum Ahmad along with two soldiers, and injuries to eight other soldiers. He was also found in possession of explosives.
Ibrar s/o Abdul Rahim
He abetted suicide bombers in attacking Christian Colony near Peshawar by planning the attack and providing weapons, suicidal jackets, and transportation to the attackers. Resultantly, a civilian named Samuel Sardar lost his life and three others were injured. The convict was also found in possession of explosives.
12 others
Fida Hussain s/o Muhammad Hussain, Raza Ullah s/o Ikram Ullah, Rahim Ullah s/o Fateh Khan, Umar Zada s/o Bashar, Amjad Ali s/o Muhammad Ajan, Abdur Rahman s/o Abdul Wahab, Ghulam Rahim s/o Munjra Khan, Muhammad Khan s/o Ghulam Haider, Rahimullah s/o Noorani Gul, Rashid Iqbal s/o Hameed Iqbal, Muhammad Ghafar s/o Qari Muhammad Zarif, and Rehman Ali s/o Muhammad Aziz were all involved in attacks on law enforcement agencies personnel which resulted in the deaths of Assistant Sub Inspector Noor Zaman, Naib Subedar Hussain Faraz and four other soldiers, and injuries to five others.
The convicts were also involved in the destruction of government educational institutions in Swat. They were also found in possession of firearms and explosives.


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