Houthi Movement leader congratulates Imran Khan

Yemeni politician and Ansarullah Movement’s one of the top leaders Mohammad Ali Houthi has congratulated Prime Minister-in-waiting Imran Khan over success in Elections 2018 and hoped Khan would play role in ensuring an end to unilateral Saudi-led war on Yemen.

Although Pakistani media has not highlighted that congratulatory message, Houthi’s twitter account carried the message and sputnik and Press TV also cited that.
Al Araby, however, termed it another indication of newly emerging dynamics in the region as it reported that Houthi chief Mohammad Ali al-Houthi in Yemen – ally of Iran – sent a congratulatory message to Imran Khan, saying that the new leader would surely understand the quandary of fighting other people’s wars.
It further reported that the fate of the Saudi-led military coalition or self-claimed IMCTC (formerly the IMAFT), headed by former Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif, is likely to be affected with the change of guard, as it is seen as anti-Iran coalition, particularly after President Trump’s address to the Saudi-led Summit in Riyadh in May, 2017.


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