US plans to bypass Afghanistan and Pakistan for direct talks with Taliban

The United States has decided to bypass Afghanistan and Pakistan governments to hold direct talks with Taliban whom the three countries had declared terrorists against who they were fighting war on terrorism in Af-Pak region.

However, US is trying to downplay its direct dealing on the pretext that it is doing so in close consultation” with the Afghan government but facts had it US had remained in touch with Taliban for long. The New York Times reported earlier on Monday that the Trump administration had asked its diplomats to seek direct talks with the Taliban, shifting away from its earlier policy of no direct contacts with the militants.
Later, Gen John Nicholson, the top US commander in Afghanistan, also confirmed that Washington was ready to hold direct talks with the Taliban. “The United States is exploring all avenues to advance a peace process in close consultation with the Afghan government,” a spokesperson for the US State Department told Pakistani news paper Dawn correspondent when asked to comment on these reports.
However, it becomes quite clear that Pakistan government has not been taken on board and this approach being made public by US authorities is a message to Pakistan that it has no role in regional peace process and US is master of all affairs.

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