Police warn Deobandi takfiri cleric Abdul Aziz to stay away from Lal Masjid

Islamabad Police have warned the dismissed Deobandi takfiri khateeb of Lal Masjid, Abdul Aziz, to stay away from the mosque as he is on the Fourth Schedule.

SHO Abdul Rasheed said Aziz had announced he would come to the mosque for Isha prayers and address people after Taraweeh. He said police reserves have been stationed around Lal Masjid to intercept him.” He said Aziz would not be allowed to enter the mosque and that legal action would be taken against him if he insisted.
The former prayer leader had not come to the mosque till the filing of this report.
The cleric Abdul Aziz had visited Lal Masjid once in Ramazan before and addressed the people, the SHO said.
The police have issued a warning to the deposed khateeb under the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA)’s section 11, informing him that he was on the Fourth Schedule of the Act.
The notice stated that Aziz cannot come to the mosque since his name was on the Fourth Schedule.
He also cannot address the public without informing the police and getting prior permission from them.
In the notice, Cleric Aziz is told that action would be taken against him for his appearance in the mosque.


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