Shia lecturer exonerated of false allegations propagated by takfiris

The inquiry committee of Karachi University formed by Vice Chancellor Dr Ajmal Khan has submitted its report in which it absolved Shia lecturer Hassan Abbas of the false charges framed against him by a female student in collusion with takfiris who have now joined media groups and misuse the sacred profession of journalism.

Shifa Imtiaz, a female student, has approached Shia lecturer Hassan Abbas and asked him to pass her friend Zohaib but the teacher refused to do that hence she in collusion with a desk editor of Samaa news channel who is affiliated with banned terrorist outfit ASWJ (Sipah-e-Sahaba) accused the lecturer of sexual harassment.
The inquiry committed headed by Dr Shaista Tabassum probed into the charges and finally absolved Hassan Abbas of said allegation. Many other teachers have also been accused of similar charges and takfiris are involved in this conspiracy against the teachers of the alma mater.
Samaa news channel has been served with Rs 300,000 suit for damages because of banned ASWJ-linked biased sectarian hatemongering desk editor who and his other comrades had been brining a bad name to the otherwise important media channel Samaa.

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