Pakistani scholars urge people to follow Imam Hussein

conference-300x197   20.12.2009 Shia and Sunni scholars, scientists and religious figures of Pakistan on Saturday highlighted the teachings of the Imam Hussein (AS) (thirds Imam of Shiis) and urged people to follow the goals of the Imam. Imam Hussein Ibne Ali (AS) and his followers were martyred in the desert of Karbala in Iraq. A’zam Sovati, a Pakistani Minister spoke about 1400 years ago when Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) rose up.” Super powers like US are the same as tyrant regimes of Imam Hussein’s time. Masoud Abbas an advisor of Pakistani government termed his participation in the conference as his great honor. “Our scholars should disseminate Imam Hussein’s teachings as the holy Imam is a source of freedom, resistance and nobleness in the world,” he added. Morteza Pouya, deputy head of the Minhaj-ul-Quran Movement in Pakistan said the Islamic Ummah needs to stand against the interference of arrogant powers and live as Imam Hussein (AS) did.” “We are delighted that Imam Hussein’s name is alive in  Islamic societies such as Pakistan and becomes stronger every day,” Ghazanfar Mahdy an organizer of the conference said. The participants of the conference criticized the meddling and double-policy of  American officials against Islamic nations.

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