ISO accuses Saudi Crown Prince of preaching Israeli narrative

Imamia Students Organisation General Secretary Khayyam Naqvi has said that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has been preaching the narrative of fake state of Israel and its master: US administration.

He condemned the Saudi stance on Palestinian issue and other issues of Middle East and Islamic world. He said that Palestinian issue is an issue of humanity and entire Islamic world, let alone Palestinians or Arabs. He said without a just solution to this issue, world peace cannot be established.
Khayyam Naqvi said that Palestine is land of Palestinians and the outsiders have no right to this sacred land. He said that terrorists from all over world belonging to racist Jewish movement Zionism such as Haganah and likes had killed innocent Palestinians and had forced the surviving Palestinians to flee to save their lives and by this inhuman ferocious terrorism, they occupied Palestinians land and created an illegitimate state namely Israel; therefore, this fake state can never be acceptable to Palestinians and humanity. He said that unity of Muslims is a must to liberate the occupied Palestine.


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