Agha Raziuddin alleges Agencies involvement on the escape of Agha Ziauddin killers

agha zia udinAccusing the federal government and law enforcement agencies for supporting terrorists and deteriorating the law and order situation in Gilgit-Baltistan province, Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Gilgit Baltistan (GB) Chairman Raziudin Rizvi has asked President Asif Ali Zardari to initiate a probe in order to punish those responsible.
Addressing a press conference at the National Press Club Islamabad, RaziuddinRizvi, brother of slain Shia leader Agha Ziauddin Rizvi, disclosed that top terrorists including Shakirullah and Qari Arifudin managed to escape from the Cheeta Jail in Gilgit with the assistance of law enforcement agencies.
PAC Chairman said he had informed the provincial cabinet that terrorists were being provided with VIP facilities including news papers, cellular phones and television during their imprisonment, but the matter was not taken seriously.
“Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah also directed the concerned authorities to withdraw these facilities from the terrorists, but his orders were not followed and the terrorists managed to escape,” he said.
Demanding that the government should create a judicial commission to probe the prison break, Rizvi said these terrorists were responsible for the killings of Syed Ziaudin Rizvi and Tehseeldar Mohammad Akbar, and feared that there would be more bloodshed now that they have escaped.
“When the local youngsters tried to organize an event in connection with Youm-e-Hussain at the Karakorum International University (KIU), the University Chairman GM Sikandar and Vice Chancellor Najma Najam posed hurdles for them. But when the youngsters still went ahead with the event, GM Sikandar and Najma Najam expelled 15 students and fined the participants Rs. 500 each,” he said.
Rizvi maintained that the government and some law enforcement agencies were creating hurdles for the locals and were not letting them practice their traditional and religious rituals.
“Under the constitution, and all sects have a right to fulfill their religious rituals; then why is the Shiite community being victimized?” he asked.
Accusing the government for its biased approach against Gilgit Baltistan, he said that innocent Shias are being killed after being pulled out of buses and “the government is doing nothing”.
He demanded the government to replace GM Sikandar and Najma Najam with competent officers.
“An FIR should be registered against the university administration and a probe should be initiated in order to punish those who helped Shakirullah and Arifudin in their escape from prison,” he said.


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