Former Pakistani envoy advises govt to give up ‘jihadi’ option forever

Former Pakistani envoy to United States, Hussain Haqqani, has exhorted the Pakistani regime to give up the militancy option forever because his proposed policy was the sole option to become a credible nation in the comity of nations. He wrongly identified terrorism, militancy, fanaticism as jihadi option because Wahhabis-allied Deobandis terrorist outfits banned by Pakistan government also use the word jihad for their anti-Islam and anti-humanity terror attacks and ideology of hatred.


“It is time for Pakistan to give up the jihadi option forever, only when we do that, we will have credibility in the international community,” Haqqani said talking to ANI and this news was posted by Express Tribune’s website.

Haqqani who also served some governments in the post-Zia era of Pakistani politics further said that Pakistani regime was not doing enough to show the world the seriousness of its efforts to curb and eradicate (Wahhabis-allied Deobandi) terrorist setups breeding on its soil.

Haqqani told ANI that terror attacks in India perpetrated by agents from across the border were a deliberate hindrance to peace talks.

Calling upon the Pakistani government to up the ante against terror if it wanted to show the world that it was serious against militancy he said that ”Pakistan’s government continues to say that it is trying to eliminate terror and efforts have been started, but they are not enough. Pakistan needs to make it clear to the world and to India that no jihadi group will have safe haven in Pakistan anymore.” (Read {jihadi) as Deobandi-Salafi-Wahhabi militant groups because no Shia or Sunni Bralevi groups do so.

Haqqani observed that Pakistan itself had suffered in the hands of terror breeding on its soil and said that it was high time that authorities accepted this.
“The acceptance and tolerance towards jihadi groups over the past has harmed Pakistan more than any other country in region,” he felt.

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