Zyreen coming from Karbala are quarantining for 24 hours

Shiite News: Due to the biased Policy of NCOC, the Zyreen who are coming from Kerbala to Pakistan are being sent to quarantine for 24 hours. This double standard policy is formed only for the true lovers of Imam Hussain (AS) while travelers of other countries are free from it.

It is to be remembered that Prime Minister Imran Khan never tired of equal rights for every citizen but practically his government does not follow his lines.

The new policy of NCOC depicts a picture of two types of Pakistan in which lovers of Imam Hussain (AS) are punished while others facilitate.

Nearly 2000 Zyreen have to come back Pakistan by Air from Kerbala and Najaf who will be detained in quarantine for one. They also received 2 doses of the corona vaccine despite being vaccinated before going to Iraq and a large number of Zyreen being under 18 were offloaded from the plane just because they were unvaccinated. Finally, they were left to their homes.

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