Attending Majlis-e-Aza is virtue for me, Maulana Tahir Ashrafi

Shiite News: Special Advisor to Prime Minister, Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, attended a Majlis-e-Aza at occasion of Yom-e-Ashura along with a delegation of Ulema of Ahle Sunnah, Ahle Hadith, Deo-Band and Barelvi Schools of thoughts in Bhekewal.

On this occasion while addressing Majlis-e-Aza he said I came here in Majlis-e-Aza to gain divine reward and attending discussion on Imam Hussain (AS) was virtue for me. I could not admire Yazid who kept stand up Hazrat-e-Zainab (Salamullah Alaiha). Everyone who endeavor for riot on earth, works for Yazid’s agenda, he added.

He further said that we were slave of those, who deemed themselves salves of Imam Hussain (AS). If we would not call Imam Hussain (AS) as Alaih-e-Salam, than who will be entitled for it. He would have to spread the lesson of Hussainiate from this pulpit.


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