SUC arranges Joint Sacrifice Eid ul Azha in slum areas of Sindh-Baluchistan

Shiite News: Shia Ulema Council arranged Joint Sacrifice on the instructions and in super vision of its head Allama Sajid Ali Ali Naqvi in slum areas of Sindh and Baluchistan in which district Tharparkar, Adam Tarr, Manjhi Tarr, Shahi ki Dani, Mitthi, Mumtaz Rind Tarr, Para Channar and other localities and vicinities were included.

These arrangements were made under the banner of Zahera Academy while the meat of sacrificial animals was served to the needy persons and families of martyrs and prisoners of Azadari-e-Syed ul Shuhda Imam Hussain (Alaih e Salam). On this occasion Momineen, Ulema-e-Karam and Elders of said Areas expressed their thanks to Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi and his team members.

-Shia Ulema Council


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