ASWJ takfiris kill 2 Sunni policemen for duty at Shia mosque in Karachi

Two Sunni Policemen embraced martyrdom by the takfiri nasbi Deobandi terrorists for their guard duties at a Shia Mosque and Imam Bargah in Karachi’s district central on Sunday.  

The area where they were ambushed near Gol Market, Nazimabad has witnessed unabated targeted assassination of Shia Muslims since January 1 to date.

The middle-aged police cops namely Mohammad Farooq and Abdul Ghafoor were on way back home from their shift-wise duties when takfiri Deobandi terrorists riding on motorcycles opened fire upon them. Their namaz-e-janaza was held at DIG West office.

Shia parties and leaders have condemned the targeted murder of Sunni policemen who were guarding Shia mosque (Jamey Masjid Noor-e-Eeman) and Imam Bargah. They demanded public hangings of the takfiri Deobandis. They said that takfiris are enemies of all.


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