The worst corruption market in the name of Corona has heated up, Allama Hassan Zafar

Shiite News: Well-known religious scholar and Khatib-e- Ahl-e-Bayt, Allama Syed Hassan Zafar Naqvi expressed deep sorrow and anger that our rulers are now making fun of the nation even in the name of Corona, especially if the lottery of Sindh government is open. The market for the worst corruption in the name of Corona has heated up, small traders, shopkeepers and laborers have gone on hunger strikes, big traders are getting bigger, the rate of bribery is skyrocketing, the more bribes, they have the power to give, they have so much business going on, the law of give money and do business is going on.

Allama Hassan Zafar Naqvi added that ruthless people are ruling especially in Sindh province and the federation is helping them in its own interests. If this trend continues in this country, then the people will lose trust the rulers and in the result of current practices, will be seen as a defeat for the rulers in the next election. It is still time to fulfill the promises and claims made by the rulers before the election, because the providing relief to the people Is the prime responsibility of the government.


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