Creating a clashing situation in the state is a mistake that will be a bad result for our next generations: Allama Maqsood Domki

The spokesperson of MWM Pakistan Allama Maqsood Ali Domki said the use of force from any side is not right. The requirement of constitution is to put forward the law and justice in every condition.

He said, “Each and every thing of the world can be sacrificed for the honor of Prophet S.A.W.W. To be a Muslim its the first condition to have firm belive on dignity and aggrandizement of Holy Prophet S.A.W.W. The security of Islam as a religion is the duty of all of us. The one who impudent to Prophet Muhammad’s S.A.W.W amplitude is the foe of Islam and Muslims.”

The spokesperson further added that going in direction of collision is the big mistake which results will be bad for our next generations.The issue should solved by meaningful talks to settle down the impulse situation in whole country. He said “Zionists and cruel uses the sensitive religious issues as weapon for disruption in Islamic world. Jews and Christians have always tried to set our house on fire by throwing these sparks”.

He further added that Muslims should be aware of these plans. Every Muslim in Pakistan and every member of Pakistani institutions are all followers of Islam and they can’t compromise on honor and dignity of Prophet S.A.W.W. The forces who wants clash between them are infact the enemies of Pakistan and Islam. In this situation every one should strongly react with wisdom and prudence.


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