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Innocent Shia youth Abbas Jafari held on false charges in Karachi

Innocent Shia youth Abbas Jafari held on false charges in Karachi in what appeared to deflect attention of Pakistani nation from takfiri terrorists.

Factually, Abbas Jafari is facing media trial for the crime he never perpetrated.

Innocent Shia youth Abbas Jafari held on false charges

A team of CTD showed him to the media during a press conference and made two claims.

First, they linked Abbas Jafari with an organization that has no existence in Pakistan. Second, they disseminate misleading and incorrect report regarding the very organization (Zainbiyoun).

As a matter of fact, outlawed Sipah Sahaba (Lashkar-e-Jhangvi), Daish (ISIS), TTP, TuA, and such like various outfits openly perpetrate terror attacks at will.

Their notorious ringleaders and thugs such as Mohammad Ahmed Ludhianvi, Aurangzeb Farooqui, Muavia Azam, Rab Nawaz Hanfi publicly preach ideology of bigotry.

Instead of taking action against them, some biased officials and fifth column within the state institutions implicate Shias in false cases.

Media trial of such innocent Shia youth aims at diverting attention from the aforesaid notorious takfiri terrorists of outlawed outfits.

Fifth column within the Pakistani security establishment

Besides, the fifth column within the Pakistani security establishment want to equate such innocent Shia youth with the organized networks of aforesaid genociders.

Unfortunately, due to this unfair and unjust policy, Pakistan has suffered from colossal losses in terms of human and financial losses.

Aforesaid takfiri terrorists of Rah-e-Haq Party (Lashkar-e-Jhangvi-ASWJ-Sipah Sahaba) and allies have massacred or injured 80,000 Pakistanis.

Due to their terror attacks, Pakistan also suffered $ 200 billion losses.

ریحان اعظمی کی شخصیت پر ایک نظر

Shame on these security agencies who understate the actual threat which Ludhianvi-Farooqui gang of thugs pose to Pakistan.

Instead, they bring any innocent Shia youth to mislead people as though Shia Muslims also have such networks.

Factually, Shia Muslims are victims of takfiri outfits terror attacks on one hand and fifth column within state agencies on the other.

Ironically, Saudi embassy Islamabad hosts the outlawed takfiri terror groups thugs and ringleaders.

Social media activists laud vision of Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari

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