Muslims stay away from Saudi Kingdom due to its pro Israel policy

Muslims stay away from Saudi Kingdom due to its pro Israel policy and bowing to US administration.

Federation of Pakistan’s Shia Seminaries said this in a statement issued from Jamiatul Muntazir Lahore.

Muslims stay away from Saudi

It ponted to Saudi Kingdom’s bowing to United States administraion and backing Israel and India.

Furthermore, it said that Muslims around the world remain shy of Saudi kingdom due to these reasons.

Wifaqul Madaris al Shia and OIC

The statement hailed the announcement for OIC FMs summit in April but it gives its credit to Kuala Lumpur Summi.

KL Summit positive outcome

It implied that the KL Summit has reminded the OIC of its obligations.

Had the OIC shouldered its responsibilities, the hosts would not have bothered to organise KL Sumnmit, it noted.

Advice to Saudi rulers

The Wifaqul Madaris al Shia Pakistan further said that if Saudi Kingdom reject US pressure and truly represent Islamic Ummah, they could challenge enemies of Muslims.

Moreover, it said that by so doing, KSA could help end brutalities in Kashmir, Palestine, Myanmar.

Muslim uity urged

Federation of Shia Islamic Seminaries Pakistan also referred to Islamic unity.

It recalled that Iran had authorised Pakistan for mediation but Saudi kingdom hadn’t given positive response in what appeared to please enemies of Muslims.



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