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Syrian Army to Cleanse Darya Soon, Makdissi Didn’t Defect

sham armyThe Syrian army continued uprooting and eliminating armed groups in various urban and rural areas especially in hot spots of clashes: Aleppo and its surroundings, Damascus’ country sides, Homs, Deir al-Zour and Idlib. However, the clashes in Damascus country sides, particularly Darya carry major importance for both sides: the Syrian Army and the rebels.

As the armed groups struggle to occupy and control the region, the Syrian Army decided to open the doors of hell on these groups by restoring to different means as well as various types of weapons and new tactics. Meanwhile, the most significant question that is strongly raised is the desired goal the armed groups deadly seek to control Darya.
In this context, well-informed Syrian security sources confirmed that “some Arab and Western countries took a firm and decisive decision to move the battles to the Syrian capital, Damascus.”

In an interview with “al-Ahed News” site, the sources highlighted that “these countries seek to drag the Syrian capital into the list of provinces and cities witnessing violence.”
“A large sum of money, a considerable amount of arming and funding to the so-called “Free Syrian Army”, as well as the devote of Arab and Western channels were some means that these countries used to delude the international public opinion that the Syrian crisis reached its end phase,” the Syrian sources clarified.
According to them, “these attempts are accompanied by spreading rumors that the regime is nearing the fall, and that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad escaped the country.”

However, the sources stressed that “despite the terrorists’ persistent attempts to control several axes in Damascus, all these goals failed for several reasons, notably the Syrian Army’s ability to confront the armed groups for being the owner of the land.”
They also highlighted that “the incubating environment for President Bashar al-Assad did not enable the armed groups from gaining a foothold in Damascus, despite the carrot and the stick method that was practiced against Damascenes.”
“The Syrian Army adopted different styles in confronting these groups by dividing the region into geographical spots subjected to intensive monitoring,” the sources elaborated.

In front of this reality, the security sources said “Darya is, for the armed groups, the closest corridor to reach the capital due to its geographical nature and the orchards that cover the territory, making it a safe area from the fire of the Syrian Army.”
“Moreover, the region’s extension to Daraa’s countryside made it a conduit for smuggling weapons and military equipment,” they explained.

The sources also pointed out that “based on the given circumstances, the opposition’s military commanders took the regions of Chuvania and Arkabba, close to Darya, as a center for the battle management and the distribution of tasks on the rebels, whose number reached nine thousands.”In parallel, they highlighted that the Western- Arab plan aims at making the so-called Free Syrian Army control Mazzeh’s and Damascus’ airports.
“A number of Libyan pilots were tasked with flying above and bombing the government’s buildings, on top of which is the presidential palace in parallel to shelling the capital as the armed groups bit the region’s countryside to reach the capital,” the sources mentioned.
However, according to the sources, the Syrian Army was able to fail the plot by killing around 90% of the rebel fighters.
For its part, the Arab satellite channels participating in the shedding the Syrian blood rushed to claim that the Syrian Army committed a massacre in Damascus’ countryside without mentioning the casualties within the ranks of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” in order to prevent hitting the morale and spreading panic among its members.
Moreover, al-Ahed News sources added that “the voices of distress of the FSA elements were heard after the Syrian Army controlled the area and killed and sieged the rebels.
“Darya and its environs will be declared a safe area in the next few days,” they stressed.
On the political level, diplomatic sources confirmed that the former Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi, was sacked from his post due to disagreements with the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem.
According to diplomatic sources, “al-Moallem is dealing with current Syrian events in wisdom an calmness, given the international conspiracy against his country.”
“Meanwhile, several remarks criticized Makdissi’s [the young man’s] dash in this context,” they said, and emphasized that “the relationship between Makdissi and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is excellent.”
In this context, they stressed that “his resignation does not mean defecting the regime or going to the other side.”
The diplomatic sources also revealed that the journalist Luna Shabal’s presence is greatly escalating and she is likely to appointed in a certain position in the coming days.

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