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Mufti Hassoun: What Hatched against Region Neither Freedom nor Democracy but Scheme

SyriasGrandMuftiSheikhAhmadBadrel-DinHassounnewsSyria’s Grand Mufti, Sheikh Ahmad Badr el- Din Hassoun stressed that what is being hatched against the region is neither ‘freedom’ nor ‘democracy’ as claimed by some parties, but rather it seeks to dismember and destroy it to establish ethnic, sectarian and religion-based entities.

In an interview with the Syrian TV Channel on Sunday evening , Sheikh Hassoun added that Europe is not immune to this sort of division being imposed on the region in accordance to religious, ethnic and sectarian bases because it is similar to bird flu, which moves from a place to another.
He clarified that Russia’s stance at the Security Council in support to Syria and justice does not mean supporting a person or persons , as there is an approach which wants to invade the world and destroy it under the title of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’.
“Russia was completely aware of what is going on in the region as a whole, knowing that targeting Syria is part of the scheme,” he added, pointing out that Russia has used the veto three times to prevent a resolution against Syria , whereas the USA used more than 25 vetoes to deprive the Palestinians from their rights and the right of the Arab nation in its land.

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