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US deploys air defenses in Syria after rocket, drone strikes

Amid some reports about the strengthening of the US position in eastern Syria, news sources reported that US troops had deployed air defenses in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor.

News sources reported on Tuesday morning that the United States has strengthened its position in Deir ez-Zor province after rocket and drone strikes on its bases in eastern Syria in recent days.

MS Press Agency reported that military equipment has been sent to US coalition bases in the Koniko gas field and al-Omar oil field on a regular basis since Monday morning.

Referring to recent rocket attacks on US positions in eastern Syria, the news agency quoted sources as saying that 20 military vehicles had been dispatched just hours after the attack on the al-Omar and Koniko bases.

It also quoted Syrian television as saying that among the equipment sent to the Rmelan military base northeast of al-Hasakah (northeastern Syria) were three Bradley Fighting Vehicle type 9, two 130 mm caliber cannons, all kinds of ammunition, and American military forces.

The report goes on to say that simultaneously with sending equipment to US bases, Syrian Democratic Forces [affiliated with the US] have strengthened their positions around and inside the al-Omar oil field with 150 troops, as well as made several trenches around the base.

Meanwhile, Al-Mayadeen correspondent reported on Tuesday on his Twitter account that after repeated attacks on US bases in eastern Syria, the US deployed several air defense systems in the Koniko gas field.

The reports came as the official Syrian News Agency (SANA) confirmed on Monday that large-scale equipment had been sent to US bases in eastern Syria.

The US move comes as news sources reported a rocket attack on a US base at the al-Omar oil field on Sunday.

US forces are stationed at several military bases in Syria, the most important of which are near the al-Omar oil field and the Koniko gas field in Deir ez-Zor and al-Tanf in southeastern Syria.

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