“Israel” Pressures to List Hizbullah on EU’s List of Terrorism

broshor1“Israel’s” ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, hit out at the European Union on Tuesday for its failure to add Hizbullah to its so-called list of terror organizations.

Speaking at a discussion of the UN Security Council, Prosor sarcastically referred to the fact that Hizbullah is defined by the EU as a charity organization.

The “Israeli” ambassador mentioned in his remarks the report by the Bulgarian government which claimed that the so-called military wing of Hizbullah was responsible for the bus attack in Burgas.

“The attack demonstrated once again that the organization’s activities are not limited to the Middle East and that its fingerprints can be found on five continents – from Kenya to Argentina, Thailand, India, Europe and the United States. The thesis that Hizbullah has a military arm and a political arm which operate independently of one another – has collapsed,” he said.
However, diplomats have indicated that it is unlikely that Europe will name Hizbullah a terrorist organization.


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