Hezbollah nabs Israel spies within ranks

shiitenews_Hezbollah_nabs_Israel_spies_within_ranksLebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah has arrested several people within its own ranks on suspicion of spying for Israel’s intelligence service, Mossad.

According to the Lebanese sources, more than 10 Hezbollah members, among them high-ranking figures, were arrested over the past few days for collaborating with Israel.

Mohammad Atwi from the Nabatiyeh district in south Lebanon, who was responsible for organizing security within the party and coordinating activities with Iran and Syria, is one of the high ranking Hezbollah officials arrested in this regard, the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Rai reported.

A cleric is also reported to be among the suspected Israeli spies.

“A group of Hezbollah members were detained in the past few days for collaborating with Israel,” an unnamed Hezbollah source told Now Lebanon but refused to disclose the number of those detained or their position in the party.

The Lebanese resistance movement says the detainees are being interrogated, adding that some have confessed to spying for Mossad while others deny the charges.

Hezbollah says it discovered the spy cell three months ago after very crucial information about the movement was passed to Israel.

Several prominent Lebanese figures, including members of the army, politics and business, have been arrested over the last two years on charges of spying for Israel.

Tel Aviv has launched an intelligence war against Hezbollah following its defeat during the 33-day war against the Lebanese resistance movement in 2006.

If convicted, the spies will face life sentences with hard labor. Should they be found guilty of contributing to the loss of the Lebanese life, the agents will face capital punishment.

Lebanese President Michel Sleiman has called for severe punishment for Israeli spies, saying he would sign death sentences handed down by the court.

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