Sunni-Shiite strife will not erupt in Lebanon

michal_aunThe head of the Change and Reform parliamentary bloc MP Michel Aoun said on Tuesday that the indictment in the investigation into the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri will not create a conflict in Lebanon.”Even if a hundred indictments are issued, Sunni-Shiite strife will not  erupt in Lebanon,” he told reporters following his bloc’s weekly meeting. 

Addressing Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea’s recent statements, Aoun said: “My problem with Syria existed when it was in Lebanon, today, it is no longer here … whoever wants to antagonize his neighbor must be from another planet.”Regarding Geagea’s statement that Christians should fear each other and his claims that Aoun is a threat to them, the MP said: “This is because I am adopting a policy of dialogue and openness … unfortunately, political decisions that contradict their surrounding are a danger to Christians.”

The Free Patriotic Movement leader also criticized Labor Minister Butros Harb’s draft law on real estate saying that it is unconstitutional and illegitimate. “The law is not based on national principles as the Lebanese citizen has the right to buy property from anyone.”

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