President Aoun Calls for Forgiveness after Political Feud

The President of the republic, Michel Aoun, considers that what happened yesterday on the political and security levels, has harmed everybody and led to the degradation of the political rhetoric that is not suitable for the Lebanese, a statement issued by the presidency’s press office indicated on Tuesday.

“What happened on the streets was a huge mistake that was triggered by a previous mistake; therefore, from my constitutional and fatherly position, I forgive all those who have offended me and my family; I am looking forward to seeing those who traded insults forgive each other, because the nation is bigger than everybody,” the statement read.

“The political leaderships are asked to rise to the required level of responsibility, in order to face the major challenges stalking us, on top of which the preservation of stability, security, and national unity; and the achievements we had scored throughout the past year, which are the direct reason behind the international attention Lebanon is receiving,” it added.


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