Hezbollah Condemns Burning Palestinian Baby to Death: Reflects Zionist Terrorism

Hezbollah denounced the heinous crime committed on Friday in Doma village near Nablus by the Zionist settlers who stormed and incinerated one of the houses, which led to burning an innocent Palestinian baby who is not older than 18 months.

In a statement issued on Friday, Hezbollah stressed that the crime embodies the vindictive terrorism that permeates the hearts of the Zionist settlers and that they implement in the form of atrocious crimes against the Palestinians since before the emergence of the usurping entity.

“Many of the terrorism practitioners in our era learned cruelty and atrocity from the Zionist crimes.”

The party noted that the attempt to evade from the crime done by the Prime Minister and the ministers of the enemy through releasing statements which condemn the crime and the perpetrators cannot deceive anyone as everyone knows that Netanyahu and his governments are the leaders of the settlers and responsible directly for the crimes that are committed daily against the Palestinian people and all the peoples of our Ummah.

“The international community is also responsible for these crimes because it did not condemn and move to stop them.”

Hezbollah underscored that targeting that innocent baby and killing him in this atrocious way call on the Ummah’s people to condemn the terrorist crime and to support the Palestinians in their confrontation against the Zionist settlers, soldiers and government.


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