Hezbollah’s Sayyed Safeiddine: Agreement the Only Way Out of Presidential Crisis

Head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council Sayyed Hashem Safeiddine stressed on Sunday that there is no way out of the power vacuum crisis in Lebanon but to reach an agreement.

“Whoever wants to call it a settlement, an understanding or an agreement… it doesn’t matter. This is Lebanon and these are the ways to find solutions here, Sayyed Safeiddine said in a local ceremony in the southern town of Khirbet Selm.

The Hezbollah official affirmed that Lebanon has to make its decisions “in light of changes taking place in the region.”

“We are in the era of resistance, the firm and powerful resistance. We won’t allow others to determine the future of our country, we are the ones who do so.”

“The Zionist entity is on alert today as the resistance grows in power,” Sayyed Safeiddine said, noting that he doesn’t only refer to the resistance in Lebanon but also to that in Palestine and the entire Axis of Resistance.


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